Cozumel Collecting 3 King Day Gifts for Children

For the past six years, island resident, Susan Bonnet and her “Los Ninos que Limpian Cozumel”  neighborhood group have been collecting toys, toothbrushes, and other items to ensure that less fortunate children on the island so they will have a very happy 3 Kings Day.  Over the years, her backyard project has grown and really become a community event.  Through it all, Susan, who has also served on the board of the Cozumel Red Cross, has quietly assisted the Cozumel community without any fanfare.  Sadly for some time, Susan is facing health issues that will prevent her from participating in this year’s 3 Kings Celebration.  Other island residents have not only stepped in to continue the tradition, but expanded the program as well. 

 Thank you everyone for your generosity these past years, again for your continued support this year.  When Susan first started the program, it was specifically for underprivileged children in the Las Fincas area. Over the years, we’ve grown to not only include the Las Finca’s parents, the children of Cozumel’s Bomberos, or firefighters, but the elderly residents of the Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II as well.

Susan’s goal has always been a gift for every child.  She tries to make sure the gift includes a necessity such as a toothbrush, something fun like a soccer ball, a toy or beanie baby and, when possible, useful items such as pencils, crayons, hair ribbons, socks or underwear.  The parents are not forgotten and last year 180 bags of rice and tomato sauce went to the children’s moms, plus a 10 peso coin until we ran out.  We added in 400 oranges along with refreshments and Candy Cane Corki gave out candy canes until they were gone.   As usual, there were more children than gifts, but every year it gets better.

Using this link, you can access the “wish list” for what we’re collecting for the children, plus a little more information about the program.  We also recently received a “wish list” from Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II (Cozumel’s nursing home).  Their requests for gifts are simple – they’re just thrilled that someone thought of them during the holiday season.  If you’re traveling to Cozumel in the next few weeks or shopping in Cozumel and see something you think they’d like, please help us make these wonderful people’s day.

You’ll also see some items they need for the home itself.  The roof has been donated and we’re working on donations for the sink faucets, twin beds and the wardrobes to store their clothing.  If you’d like to participate in fulfilling these wishes from the nuns, you can contact Kathy McGinn ( or Gena Meyer (

Please keep our brave friend Susan in your prayers, she continues to respond well to treatment  and we would like nothing better than to see her return to the work she loves.

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