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Art in Cozumel: Island Artists Profiled

Lupita Peralta Mendoza prepares for a gallery show…..

This month, Greg Dietrich, owner of the Galeria Azul,  is kind enough to continue his series and highlight Lupita Peralta Mendoza and her upcoming Gallery show.

This Friday, July 14th at 8 pm, Lupita Peralta Mendoza will open a showing of her paintings entitled “Entre el Cielo y la Tierra y las Caricias del Mar”  (Between the sky and the land and the caresses of the sea, in English)  at the Museo de la Isla Cozumel.  Her paintings will be shown on the 2nd floor vestibule, which is completely open to the public free of charge.


The show won’t last long, and in fact, will only last until August 20th, so it’s best to make plans to visit soon.

Lupita Peralta Mendoza

I love to capture on the canvas, the wonders I observe in nature.

  • My works largely show the beautiful sunsets our wonderful Island of Cozumel gifts us with.
  • The flowers of the zone
  • Animals living in their natural habitat.

My works are done using different techniques: acrylic, oil and watercolors.

Every piece is a challenge because, while working on it, I relive the experience of watching sunsets or the sensation of how the flowers smell; seeing the animals in the sea or land, and that is what I wish to transmit: my feelings through this beautiful art.

Contact me at:

Facebook:  Lupita Peralta Art

Lupita’s Art Gallery

Mobile: 987 87 159 54



Arte en Cozumel: perfil de los artistas e la Isla

Lupita Peralta Mendoza prepara una exposición. . .

Greg Dietrich, propietario de Galería Azul, amablemente continúa su serie y en esta ocasión destaca Lupita Peralta Mendoza y su próxima exposición en la Galería.


En el Museo de la Isla Cozumel., este viernes 14 de julio a las 8 p.m. Lupita Peralta Mendoza abre las puertas de su muestra de pintura titulada “Entre el Cielo y la Tierra, y las Caricias del Mar”. Sus pinturas se exhibirán en el 2º piso, abierto gratuitamente al público.


La exhibición no durará mucho; de hecho, sólo hasta Agosto 20 por lo que conviene hacer planes para realizar la visita pronto.



Lupita Peralta Mendoza


Me encanta captar sobre el lienzo las maravillas que observo en la naturaleza.


  • En gran parte mis obras muestran los bellos atardeceres que nos regala nuestra maravillosa Isla de Cozumel.
  • Las flores de la región
  • Los animales viviendo en su hábitat natural


A mis obras aplico distintas técnicas: acrílico, óleo y acuarela.


Cada pieza es un reto ya que, en tanto trabajo en ella, vivo de nuevo la experiencia al ver atardeceres o la sensación que provoca el olor de las flores; ver a los animales en el mar o en tierra, y ello es lo que deseo transmitir: mis sentimientos a través de este bello arte.


Pónganse en contacto conmigo a través de:

Facebook:  Lupita Peralta Art

Lupita’s Art Gallery

Teléfono móvil: 987 87 15954

Greg Dietrich

Greg Dietrich

Greg first came to Cozumel in 1988 to scuba dive and enjoy the beaches of the east side of the island. He immediately fell in love with the island and its people. His dive master convinced him he should look into buying a house here… turns out his other job was as a real estate agent. Long story short, he bought a house here on that very first visit. Greg came back to Cozumel at least twice a year for the next 10 years.

In the spring of 1998, Greg had a successful glassblowing related business in Seattle Washington, the city that is known as the glass art center in the United States. In March, on the first night of his much needed vacation, he met Liliana Macotela. This encounter changed everything.

By the end of that year, he had sold his business, packed up his engraving machine, and moved here to the island. He opened his working studio/gallery, called Galeria Azul, in the downstairs of his home. He is still there to this day and just celebrated 17 happy years of living here on the island with his wife, Liliana.
Greg Dietrich

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