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Cozumel 4 You News | Dec 21, 2017
Cozumel's Number One Source of Positive Information for Our Island
911 Cozumel
English Edition
National 911 Smartphone App Cozumel Ready
Download this important emergency app.……
Spanish Edition
En Cozumel ya está lista la aplicación del 911 nacional para teléfonos inteligentes
Descarguen esta importante aplicación para emergencias.…...
Monica Sauza
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Chiapas Mexico
English Edition
Mexico Destinations:  Chiapas During Dia de los Muertos
Photographers Michael & Jennifer Lewis chronicle their journey....
Spanish Edition
Destinos en México: Chiapas durante el Día de Muertos
Los fotógrafos Michael y Jennifer Lewis hacen una crónica de su viaje. . . .
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Cozumel Christmas
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Christmas in Mexico

Monica Sauza shares Mexican history & traditions regarding Christmas….
Spanish Edition La Navidad en México
Mónica Sauza comparte la historia y tradiciones mexicanas de la navidad..
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Patio Cakes & Desserts
Neo - Neo arrived to Humane Society on Nov 18th. He was abandoned at our front door. One member of our staff just putt him a leash on and brought him in.

He was a little scared, but allowed the doctors to handle him, test him and vaccinate him.

He was put then in quarantine for 21 days as every dog and cat must do. And in that period we discovered that he was very afraid of people and wouldn’t let other members of our staff touch him or even be close to him.

For the overload of work that we have in the Humane Society it is very difficult to work with this cases, plus we don’t really have the knowledge necessary to do it correctly and safely without wasting time or putting ourselves or possible adopt ants at risk…. but fortunately for everybody, Sergio Rodriguez, a volunteer of Humane Society who happens to be a dog psychologist was here when we where dealing with Neo and he decided to step in.

He assessed Neo, they walked together (or they tried) and Sergio determined that Neo was simply extremely afraid of people and gave our staff a few simple but assertive exercises to do with Neo every day.

It’s been less than a month since Neo and our crew started the excursuses and they have achieved such improvement! Neo can now enjoy his walks, he can be around people without growling or trying to attack them, and he allows being touch after a small greeting ritual ❤

We are very happy for Neo, all he needed was care and commitment and some teamwork to go back and be the cool and loving dog that we are sure he used to be before he was neglected and hurt.

You can watch the video of Neos assessment and another video of Neos improvement on the Humane Society of Cozumel Island facebook.
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This and many other animals are waiting for you at the shelter, remember to visit us to meet them, who knows, you might find a very special friend. For more information please contact
Estos y muchos animalitos mas te esperan en el refugio, recuerda visitarnos para conocerlos, uno nunca sabe, podrías encontrar a un compañero muy especial. Para obtener más información póngase en contacto con
Blu Bistro
The Magic of Design
Advertise in Cozumel 4 YOu
CMC CostaMed Hosptial Cozumel
Humane Cozumel
English Edition
Another Successful Year for the Humane Society of Cozumel Island
2017 summarized & plans for 2018 in motion…
Spanish Edition

Otro año de éxitos para la Sociedad Humanitaria de la Isla de Cozumel

Resumen del 2017 y los planes que ya se encuentran en marcha para el 2018...
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Cozumel Insurance
Melia Hotel Cozumel
Cozumel Relaxing Skincare
Cozumel Living
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