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  • Discover Mexico  Cozumel Park

    Discover Mexico Park Cozumel  is the newest and most visited park in Cozumel that offers to the tourist a unique experience about Mexico. The park collects all the Mexican wonders in one place and allows discovering the most representative sites, styles and art crafts of our country. Our main goal is to show to the tourist that Cozumel is not another island of the Caribbean but it is part of a multi-diverse country in culture and Natural Resources. The park represents the best opportunity to provide the tourist a whole picture of our country promoting the tourism to other places of Mexico

    Discover Mexico Park & Jose Cuervo Tequila Tour

    Taste the real history of Mexico.  Working with the dedicated staff at the Jose Cuervo distillery, Discover Mexico Park has created a comprehensive tour on the origins, history & types of tequilas produced in Jalisco Mexico; where this potent potable has been made for centuries.   Your “tequilero” will guide you through a flight of three distinctly different Jose Cuervo tequilas:  a Blanco, a Reposado & an Añejo (aged).

    Using natural ingredients like limes, cinnamon & coffee, you’ll learn to detect the subtle flavors & components that make up Mexico’s most famous beverage.  Much like a fine single-malt scotch, there are Tequilas of surpassing quality that are to be similarly sipped and savored.  Afterwards your guide will teach you how to make the perfect margarita, so you can share your newfound knowledge with the folks back home.

    Discover Mexico Park & Chocolate Tour

    This tour promises excitement, family fun, a bit of Mexican history, culture, & even something everyone loves – chocolate!  Did you know that the earliest evidence of Mayan chocolate was between 400 – 600 BC??    Chocolate was extremely important to the indigenous Mayans, and, in this hands-on interactive tour, you’ll not only learn why Mayans loved chocolate so much, you’ll learn how to make  your own “chocolhaa” – the traditional sacred beverage – the perfect take-home souvenir of your Cozumel visit.

    Discover Mexico’s brand-new Chocolate Tour highlights how important the “cacao” seed was to the Mayans – culturally, spiritually and, even as a currency.    Inside our delicious-smelling chocolate workshop – your guides will show you the traditional tools used to roast & mill cacao seeds into real chocolate.    After that, you and your partner will have the opportunity to mill your own chocolate bars used to make “chocolhaa” (a delicious and traditional hot cocoa) using traditional methods – including hand-cranked mills, and mortars and pestles.  Once you’ve created your very own product, you’ll even be able to wrap and seal it to take back home, with no problem through Customs.  Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to try chocolate samples, cocoa powder & even our exclusive Chocolate Liquor – all created using the traditional process – which are available for purchase.

    Discover Mexico Park Cozumel

    One of the most exciting and unique aspects of Mexican culture is Discover Mexico’s newest attraction, the Papantla Flyers – who perform a ceremonial rite in honor of the Sun God, for fertility and a good harvest.   This 1,500 year old ritual is performed by a “caporal,” or musician, and 4 daredevils or “voladores,” who represent the 4 elements.  Together they climb a 90-foot pole, and while the “caporal” plays a musical offering to the Gods, the 4 elements launch themselves backwards –   secured only by a rope tied to one ankle –  toward the ground.  The 4 “voladores” slowly and gracefully descend making exactly 13 revolutions around the pole, which represents the 52-year time span of the pre-Hispanic cosmic cycle (4 x 13 = 52).  After the Spanish conquest, much of the ancient codices of indigenous cultures were lost, and the Papantla Flyers, carry on their culture though an ancient oral tradition.

    Previously, in order to witness the Papantla Flyers you would have to travel all the way to Central Mexico, now thanks to Discover Mexico you can witness this moving testimony to the Totonaca ancestors as part of your visit to the Park.

    In fact, Discover Mexico Park, will allow you to experience the full spectrum of Mexico’s rich heritage, vibrant art, culture, regional cuisine and even tequila.  Upon arrival, you’ll relax in air-conditioned comfort as you view Discover Mexico’s exclusive four-screen video collage.  The culmination of two years travel and filming, this award winning presentation brings one of the world’s oldest and richest cultures vividly to life.  Vibrant images from all over the Mexcio will take you from the Riviera Maya through Oaxaca to Chihuahua.  It’s so engaging, you may just want to stay and watch it twice!

    Next you’ll visit Discover Mexico’s Museum of Popular Arts, showcasing works of contemporary folk art created by renowned artisans from all over Mexico.   Mexico’s regional art is as varied as its culture.   Here you’ll have an opportunity to view works from all over the country, in one location, including the famous “barro negro” pottery  and the colorful iconic “albrijes” from Oaxaca.  Your tour guide, who will remain with you throughout your visit to the Park, is well-versed in all aspects of Mexican culture and history and will be happy to answer any questions.

    Afterwards, you’ll proceed to the Diorama Garden area, which features a wide variety of indigenous plants and flowers.  There you’ll meet Sofie, Discover Mexico’s un-official mascot donkey.  Be sure and keep an eye out for iguanas, turtles & other exotic creatures as well.  As you stroll through the garden’s broad paths, you’ll also have the chance to view one-of-a-kind dioramas depicting many of Mexico’s famous sites.  Trace the evolution of Mexico’s ancient civilizations as you tour replicas of Chichén Itzá and other pyramids built by the early Aztec, Maya, Olmec and Totonac people. The Spanish colonial era is reborn in the park’s reproductions of grand monuments, cathedrals, and the Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City’s elegant boulevard.

    After you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time to taste the history of Mexico.  You will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious open air lunch, featuring regional Mexican food.  Watch hand-made corn tortillas cooked to perfection for your very own taco sampler. Try the habanero chili salsa if you dare!   Be sure to check out the Hand Crafts and Souvenir Shop where you can purchase unique and handmade mementos of your visit.

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