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Cozumel 4 You News | Apr 26, 2018
Cozumel's Number One Source of Positive Information for Our Island
Cedral festival
English Edition
Traditions Explained: The Importance of La Feria de Cedral and Dia de Santa Cruz
Some history on this upcoming celebration....
Spanish Edition
Explicando las tradiciones: La importancia de la Feria de El Cedral y el Día de la Santa Cruz
Algo de historia sobre la celebración que se acerca...
Capitan Malaleche
CMC CostaMed Hosptial Cozumel
Coz Coffee Roasting Cozumel
Melia Hotel Cozumel
Discover Mexico Park
Cozumel Country Club
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Blu Bambu Salon
Tito Cocinerito
English Edition
Big News & Big Thanks from Tito Cocinerito
Spela & Alex Launch into New Adventures ...
Spanish Edition

Grandes noticias y agradecimiento enorme de Tito Cocinerito

Spela y Alex se lanzan a una nueva aventura....
Rejuventation Clinic Cozumel
Blue XT-Sea Scuba Cozumel
Cozumel Insurance
Coz Pawz
Maple Bakehouse
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Stad Amerstam Cozumel
English Edition
Tall Ship Stad Amerstam Calls Into Cozumel
Steel Hulled Dutch Clipper is a Charter Vessel….
Spanish Edition Arriba a Cozumel el gran velero Stad Amerstam

La embarcación a vela con casco de acero es una embarcación holandesa para fletar...
Monica Sauza
Albatros Charters
Optica Caribe Cozumel
Spanish English Cozumel
Bindiya Indian Cozumel


Hello dear people of Cozumel 4 you! We are still in great need of PDS sutures! They are very hard to find here in México.

If you are coming to Cozumel before May 12th, consider bringing us PDS sutures sizes 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0.

The best way to get them is to contact your local vet and ask him if he can order them with his supplier.

We can accept expired sutures too!! (preferably expired in 2018 or 2017).

Thank you so much for your help!

For more information please contact
Para obtener más información póngase en contacto con
Katu Nail Salon
Sal De Mar
Cozumel Insurance
Cozumel Cooking Class
Patio Cakes & Desserts
Mika Professional Skincare
Cozumel Bird
English Edition

New Species of Bird Nest Detected in Cozumel

Red-Throated Becard Nest Discovered..
Spanish Edition
Se detecta en Cozumel una nueva especie de ave
Se descubre un nido de cabezón degollado..
Baldwin's Guest House
Fly Cozumel
Cozumel Relaxing Skincare
Los Cinco Soles
Advertise in Cozumel 4 You
Cozumel English Church
Cozumel Events of the Week
Fly Cozumel
The Magic of Design
Panchos Backyard Cozumel
New Especias Cozumel
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