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Cozumel 4 You News | Aug 03, 2017
Cozumel's Community Weekly Positive News About Our Island
Kent Avery Cozumel
English Edition
Please Don’t Touch the Sea Stars
The Sea Star population in Cozumel is on the decline due to human interaction, here’s a few reasons you should never touch or remove them from the water….....
Spanish Edition

Por favor no toque las estrellas de mar

Consejos y trucos para proteger a esta sorprendente criatura marina. . .

Baldwin's Guest House
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That's Amore
Westin Hotel Cozumel
Fly Cozumel
Rock N Java Cozumel
Cozumel ExPats
English Edition

How I came to call Cozumel Home:  Christi Courtney

From Texas to Cozumel Dive Shop Owner Christi has a great story……

Spanish Edition

Cómo se convirtió Cozumel en mi hogar: Christi Courtney

De Texas a Cozumel, Christi, propietaria de una tienda de buceo, cuenta una gran historia…....
Spearfishing Today
Discover Mexico Cozumel
Melia Hotel Cozumel
Cozumel Country Club
Los Cinco Soles
CMC CostaMed
Prime 5 Restaurant Cozumel
Bruno- Bruno was rescued by Doctor Julio from CMV and kept him in his clinic looking for his family because he seemed lost. He is a big boy, super friendly and lovely that goes around hugging people. Is good with dogs and some cats......Read more
Bruno- Bruno fue rescatado por el doctor Julio de la CMV y lo resguardo en su clínica, esperando a que apareciera su familia ya que parecía perdido. Es un perrote muy lindo y amigable que anda abrazando a todo mundo. Es bueno con otros perros y algunos gatos........Read more
Edmond - Edmond and his siblings were brought infrom a home in Colonia Felix G. Canto. The house has many cats and this litter was malnourished and weak. So, HS talked to the owners to surrender the kittens since they were unable to properly care for them. So, the 4 kittens are now at HS and are growing stronger and happy........Read more
Edmond - Edmond y sus hermanitos fueron traídos de una casa de la Colonia Félix G. Canto. En la casa hay muchos gatos y la camada estaba muy débil y desnutrida. Así que se habló con los dueños quienes entregaron a los gatitos ya que no los podían cuidar bien. Así que los 4 hermanitos están muy bien, creciendo y poniéndose saludables y fuertes.........Read more
This and many other animals are waiting for you at the shelter, remember to visit us to meet them, who knows, you might find a very special friend. For more information please contact
Estos y muchos animalitos mas te esperan en el refugio, recuerda visitarnos para conocerlos, uno nunca sabe, podrías encontrar a un compañero muy especial. Para obtener más información póngase en contacto con
Chillin Bistro
Maple Bakehouse
Fly Cozumel
Magic of Design
Cozumel Living
Waldorf School Cozumel
English Edition
Bej Zamna Waldorf School:  An Interview with one of the Founders
Information on the new school opening for children in Cozumel……
Spanish Edition Escuela Waldorf Bej Zamná. Entrevista con uno de sus fundadores

Información acerca de la apertura de una nueva escuela en Cozumel para niños.....

Cozumel Scuba Repair
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Cozumel Insurance
La Casa del Habano
Fly Cozumel
Patio Cakes & Desserts
Rain Cozumel

Deep Sea Fishing Season Still Going Strong

Peak Season continues.....
Spanish Edition
La temporada de pesca profunda se mantiene fuerte
Continúa la temporada alta.....
Panchos Backyard Cozumel
Katu Nail Salon
Optica Caribe Cozumel
New Especias Cozumel
Taberna El Greco Cozumel
Cozumel Insurance
Cozumel Events of the Week
Cozumel Med Spa
CMC CostaMed Hosptial Cozumel
Monica Sauza
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Cozumel Wellness Center
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Cozumel 4 You News is a weekly newsletter published about the island of Cozumel, concentrating on the positive aspects and activities here on the Island of Swallows. Translations provided by Monica Sauza, certified translator. If you have an idea for the newsletter, would like to advertise, please contact Laura at


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