Yesterday as I was toiling away at my website, I noticed a funny smell. A really bad funny smell. I sniffed upstairs, nothing. I followed my substantial nose downstairs, and although the smell was stronger, it wasn’t inside. Outside the smell was positively feral.

At the end of my street, about 3 houses down was a bear. You see, the circus is in town and in an effort to drum up business they had sent trucks with the exotic animals and loudspeakers all over the island. Good idea in theory, however, my bear was experiencing engine trouble, judging by the open hood of the truck.

I stood outside and marveled at the smelly bear, thinking “only in Cozumel can a bear break down in front of your house.”

Later I noticed that my friend Tony had posted on his Facebook that the camels were parked in front of his house. He wins, camels are way more smelly than bears.

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