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Cozumel's Number One Source of Positive Information for Our Island
Cozumel 4 You - the island's weekly bilingual NEWS - provides suggestions for restaurants, vacation planning, real estate agents, cultural activies & more.... 
Cozumel Proactively Self Curfews
De manera proactiva Cozumel autoimpone el toque de queda
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How to Help the Cozumel Residents with Basic Food Dispensaries
Cómo ayudar a los habitantes de Cozumel con dispensarios de alimentos
Humane Society of Cozumel Island

With people staying in place and no visitors coming to the island we are very concerned for the dogs and cats of Cozumel.
Donations for our day to day operations will be cut by more than 50%. In order to keep on our staff of 12 full time dedicated employees, care for our 30 (and growing) dogs and cats, continue our permanent free spay & neuter project and receive the many many dogs that will inevitably be abandoned during these difficult times we will need your help.
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An Overview of Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II
Un vistazo general a Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II

Bee Friendly Cozumel
Sea respetuoso con las abejas, Bee Friendly Cozumel
Cozumel 4 You News is a weekly newsletter published about the island of Cozumel, concentrating on the positive aspects and activities here on the Island of Swallows. Translations provided by Monica Sauza, certified translator. If you have an idea for the newsletter , would like to advertise, please contact Laura at All articles, in both English and Spanish are the exclusive property of Cozumel 4 You and cannot be used, displayed or reproduced without express written permission from the publisher. If you would like to quote, use or link to our newsletter, please contact for details. Todos los artículos, tanto en inglés como en español son propiedad exclusiva de Cozumel 4 You y no pueden ser utilizados, o reproducidos sin permiso expreso por escrito de la editorial. Si gustas citar, utilizar o vincular a nuestro newsletter, póngase en contacto con para obtener más detalles.