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Cozumel Planetarium to Host Discussion on Ix Chel by Ric Hajovsky


Photo Courtesy of Ric Hajovsky

Photo Courtesy of Ric Hajovsky

Ric Hajovsky will be hosting a discussion at the Cha’an Ka’an Planetario de Cozumel  entitled “Ix Chel:  Dulce Diosa o Deidad Devoradora?”  (Gentle Goddess or Devouring Deity)  this Saturday, July 16th starting at 6 pm.  The event will take place at the Auditorium of the new planetarium, and will cover recent discoveries about the iconic Mayan Goddess.  Entry is only $50 pesos.  For more information, please check out the Cha’an Ka’an Planetario de Cozumel  Facebook page, or call 857 0867.

Additionally, Ric will have a  limited amount of the new Spanish-language version of the book “Historia verdadera de Cozumel”  which will be  available for purchase for $450 pesos each.  The book “Historia verdadera de Cozumel”  is also available on,  English, Spanish and electronic formats.


El Planetario de Cozumel presenta plática sobre Ix Chel, por Ric Hajovsky


Este sábado 16 de julio a partir de las 6 p.m., Ric Hajovsky presentará una platica en el Planetario Cha’an Ka’an de Cozumel: “Ix Chel: ¿Dulce Diosa o Deidad Devoradora?”. El evento tendrá lugar en el nuevo planetario y cubrirá los recientes hallazgos de la diosa maya. La entrada es de tan solo $ 50 pesos. Para mayor información, por favor visiten la página facebook del Planetario Cha’an Ka’an de Cozumel o llamen al 857 0867.


Asimismo, Ric contará con una cantidad limitada de la versión en español del libro “Historia verdadera de Cozumel” cuyo costo es de $450 pesos. El libro también se encuentra disponible en en formatos electrónicos en español y en inglés.

Ric Hajovsky

Ric Hajovsky says:

“When a false statement is repeated often enough, people begin to believe it.A lack of qualifications or bona fides on the part of the ‘authority’ responsible for the misstatement makes no difference; if it is repeated frequently enough it takes on the cloak of respectability and is reiterated, retweeted, or reposted by the gullible.Eventually, the falsehood becomes entrenched in the odd mix of facts and fiction known as ‘common belief.’Once accepted into this corpus of flawed data, these mistakes, misstatements and misunderstandings are nearly impossible to remove or correct.As the old saying goes, ‘it is easier to hoodwink someone than it is to convince them that they have been hoodwinked.’

These commonly-held, but mistaken beliefs are rarely disputed.That is because shouting ‘The King has no clothes!’ rarely has a satisfying outcome for the one first pointing out the faux pas.However, this will not deter me from continuing to point out and correct the errors, inaccuracies and outright frauds that continue to be quoted as the ‘facts’ of Cozumel’s history.”

Ric Hajovsky’s newest book, The True History of Cozumel, is available in English as a paperback or Kindle eBook on

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