How I Came to Call Cozumel Home:   A Series by Island Residents

Jan Barnett recounts her love story with the island …..


Jack and I met and started dating in April, 1992.  His Christmas present from me that year was a trip to Cozumel in March, 1993.  That was our first trip we took together.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  We stayed at Plaza las Glorias, which is now The Palace.  We fell in love with the friendly people, snorkeling in the beautiful ocean and the wonderful restaurants the island had to offer.


We loved snorkeling so much that before our next trip in 1994 we decided to get certified so we could dive.  That’s all it took.  We were hooked on diving and loved the beauty of the reefs here in Cozumel.


Over the years we traveled to many different places but Cozumel was one of our favorites and from Houston it was such a short, easy flight.  We would visit at least once or twice a year. In March, 2003 we tied the knot here on the island. We had a beautiful beach wedding at Casa Gordon.


Not long after we were married we started talking about buying a place here so when it was time for retirement we would could make Cozumel our permanent home.  We took a four day, whirlwind trip in November, 2007 and found the house of our dreams.  It was still under construction and we were finally able to close in March, 2008.


Once we purchased our home we would visit every other month until we made the permanent move in March, 2017.  Getting ready for the move here was a very crazy and stressful time but on March 4, 2017 we made it with our seven dogs and have been enjoying island life ever since.


When Jan & Jack lived in Houston one of our passions was dog rescue. We have continued our love for dog rescue here in Cozumel. We’ve had several independent rescues, the most well known being Hero. Little did we know Hero would end up being our hospice foster. We enjoyed every minute we had with him. We’ve also helped several dogs with the Humane Society of Cozumel.



Cómo es que Cozumel se convirtió en mi hogar: Una serie escrita por habitantes de la Isla

Jan Barnett narra su historia de amor con la Isla. . .

Jack y yo nos conocimos y comenzamos a salir en Abril de 1992. El regalo que me dio en Navidad ese año fue un viaje a Cozumel para Marzo 1993. Ese fue el primer viaje que hicimos juntos. Lo recuerdo como si fuera ayer. Nos hospedamos en Plaza Las Glorias, actualmente conocido como The Place. Nos enamoramos de la gente amable, del esnórquel en el bello océano y de los maravillosos restaurantes que ofrece la Isla.


Tanto nos gustaba practicar esnórquel que en nuestro siguiente viaje, en 1994, decidimos obtener nuestra certificación en buceo. Eso fue suficiente. Nos enganchamos con el buceo y nos enamoramos de la belleza de los arrecifes de Cozumel.


Al paso de los años viajamos a muchos sitios distintos, pero Cozumel era uno de los favoritos y desde Houston era un viaje corto y cómodo. Veníamos de visita al menos una o dos veces al año. En Marzo del 2003 nos casamos en la Isla. Nuestra ceremonia en Casa Gordon fue muy bella.


Poco tiempo después de casarnos comenzamos a platicar acerca de adquirir algo aquí para que cuando llegara el momento de nuestra jubilación pudiéramos hacer de Cozumel nuestro hogar permanente.  Hicimos un viaje relámpago de cuatro días en Noviembre del 2007 y encontramos la casa de nuestros sueños. Aún estaba en el proceso de construcción, y finalmente cerramos el trato en Marzo 2008.


Una vez que adquirimos nuestra casa, veníamos de visita cada dos meses hasta que  en Marzo 2017 nos mudamos de manera permanente. El periodo para realizar la mudanza hacia acá fue muy estresante, pero el 4 de marzo del 2017 nos mudamos con nuestros siete perros y, desde ese momento hemos estado disfrutando la vida en la Isla.


Cuando Jan y Jack vivieron en Houston una de sus pasiones era rescatar perros. En Cozumel hemos dado continuidad a nuestro amor por rescatar perros. Realizamos diversos rescates independientes y el más conocido ha sido “Hero”. Poco sabíamos que “Hero” terminaría siendo adoptado para nuestro hospicio. Disfrutamos cada momento que tuvimos con él. Con la Sociedad Humanitaria de Cozumel, también hemos ayudado a diversos perros.


Laura Wilkinson

Author at Cozumel 4 You
Laura Wilkinson is the Editor for Cozumel 4 You. An ex-Connecticut Yankee who has called Cozumel home for over 15 years, Laura ran away to the Caribbean years ago, bumped around the islands teaching SCUBA diving, lost some time in Jamaica, and finally stopped in Cozumel for a 2 week vacation that hasn’t ended yet. With a degree in Journalism from a fancy private college she convinced her parents to pay for, Laura writes, edits, and creates the weekly Cozumel 4 You news, promotional articles about the island, and her very own blog, which she finds hilarious. Her long suffering husband, the Fabster, has long since resigned himself to having zero private life, as he’s been involved in her various schemes and plots since his arrival. Proud parents to a variety of rescue dogs and cats, Laura continues to be the bane of her traditional Mexican mother-in-law’s existence, as she muses her way through life in the Mexican Caribbean.

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