Cozumel Isla de la Pasion
Photo courtesy of Fred Boehm Photography

Photo courtesy of Fred Boehm Photography

Road Construction Begins In Protected North Area en Route to Isla de la Pasion


Cozumel’s environmentally sensitive northern zone is undergoing a 90M peso renovation to the road to the access area for the Isla de la Pasion.  The project, which has been in the works since last year, has both the permission of the  National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp) and the National Marine Park of Cozumel.  The project, will pave the rough dirt road past the Cozumel Country Club to the pier at Bahia Ciega, the pier for departure to Isla de Pasion.

This area is home to mangroves, palma de chit, and even the endangered Cozumel pygmy raccoon, so construction materials will consist of materials found in the vicinity as well as ecology-friendly materials so as not to upset the fragile eco-system.  For example, a material known as “ecocrete” will be used between the CAPA San Miguel Carcamo to Bahia Ciego, because it is permeable and allows water flow.  The width of the road will also vary from 7M/23F to 4M/13F depending upon the forestation.

The entire project will be overseen by SINTRA,(Secretaria de Infraestructura y Transporte) to ensure that work is being carried out in accordance with approved permits and permissions.

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