I have always felt a native cozumelenian even though I was not born here; this is because I have lived in Cozumel all my life. In 1971 my father, Luis F. Olan Luna, a Tabasco born Civil Engineer, was commissioned for the construction of the Island’s Post Office and Telegraph building, still standing on Avenue Rafael E. Melgar. At that time, he was already married to my mother, Teacher Teresita Cázares Cuevas born in Michoacán.

Both liked Cozumel very much. Back then, there was almost nothing, no cars, no businesses and, I believe, almost no people; it was very peaceful and, above all, they had been charmed by the beauty of the Island, hence they decided to stay and establish our family here.

My father continued working as a civil engineer, but now as a self-employed professional, and in 1976 founded Constructora Prodeccsa (Proyectos de Construcciones de Cozumel) still active. He has built many private projects as well as for the government, thus leaving a bit of his print in Cozumel. On the other hand, as a teacher my mother helped teacher Tepy in founding Intituto Partenón, currently closet o the airport. My mom was its first teacher and its first director. In 1973 my brother Luis was born in Irapuato because, due to the Island’s conditions at the time, my parents wanted to prevent any possible emergency. I, Eugenia, was born in 1977 also in Irapuato. Both my brother and I returned to the Island 15 days after we were born. We stayed in Cozumel and finished middle school, but moved to Guadalajara to pursue high school. My brother got his degree as Public Accountant and returned to the Island to settle down on a personal and professional basis. My sister-in-law, Ereri Maliachi, was born in Mexico City, but when they got married, she moved to the Island; they have 2 children, Lalo and Valeria, who by the way, were born in the Island.

As for me, I hold a degree as Computer Systems Engineer and came back to the Island also to establish. I have 2 children, Diego and Daniel, also the first in the family to have been born in Cozumel.

I definetely can’t see myself living anywhere else other than Cozumel; the peace we still enjoy is unique, and although the Island’s economy and safety have been affected, I feel and believe we still live in a Paradise. Time is gold and we have much of it here in the Island, we can enjoy our children, our families at all times; everything is close-by, we all know each other or, if not, at least most of the population. I am happy to have arrived here, and here is where I would like my days to end.

Eng. Eugenia Olán Cázares, owner of 1Net Cozumel, a company that services, repairs, and sells cellular phones and other electronics. Located on 5th Av, between Streets 3 and 5, phone 120-0041.

This story originally appeared in the weekly Cozumel 4 You NEWS – the island’s number one source of positive information about our island!  Be sure and subscribe to the weekly NEWS to find out all the island events!…

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