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Greg Dietrich,  resumes his monthly column, with a story about  El “Tio”


Photo Courtesy of Javier Soler

This week I would like to introduce you to “Tio”. You have probably seen his work all over Cozumel over the years, and now you will know the artist. I have known Tio for 20 years, and his work has always been a delight to see…brings a smile to your face. Here is his story…


Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1957; I’ve been a cartoonist since I grabbed my first pencil. I always knew that I would make art my profession; I was quite mischievous in the school I went to and my grades where horrific. Graduating was a miracle. Thus I began working at a workshop when I was 16, basically sweeping and carrying things around. Luckily I was able to draw more fluently and professionally published comic books at 17. My career began publishing for the country’s leading publishers. At 26 I moved to Chicago, Illinois. Three years, multiple illustration works and

Photo Courtesy of Javier Soler

returned to Barcelona, where suddenly I transformed into something similar to an improvised sculptor. That is how I currently define myself. Without any discernible reason I arrived to Cozumel in 1992 and fell in love with this Island. So I stayed and sculpted, mainly cartoon-type sculptures and became popular, so to speak. After 25 years, traveling additionally to the US and Spain for work, I return to Cozumel still with illusions and great projects; I am married and father to a girl; living happy, creating for my and for others’ pleasure.


My Facebook page: Javier Soler (Natural robots)

Mobile: 612 220 4734



Arte en Cozumel

Greg Dietrich reanuda su Columna mensual con una historia sobre “El Tío”…

Photo Courtesy of Javier Soler

Esta semana me permito presentarles al “Tío”. Es posible que en el transcurso de los años o hayan visto en Cozumel  ahora conocerán al artista. Conozco al Tío desde hace 20 años y ver sus obras siempre ha sido un deleite…crean una sonrisa. Esta es su historia. . .


Nacido en Barcelona,España en 1957,cartoonist desde que agarro mi primer lapiz. Siempre supe que me dedicaria al arte como profesion,  por lo que en la escuela fui bastante travieso y con calificaciones horripilantes, graduandome finalmente de puro milagro. Asi comence a trabajar a los 16 años en un taller, barriendo y cargando cosas basicamente. Por suerte, cada vez dibujaba con mas soltura y comence a publicar comics profesionalmente a los 17 años. Iniciando mi carrera llegando a publicar para las principales editoriales del país. Ya con 26 años me voy a Chicago,Illinois.Tres años,

Photo Courtesy of Javier Soler

diversos trabajos de ilustración y vuelta a Barcelona, donde, de repente me transformo en algo similar a un escultor improvisado, que es como me defino en la actualidad. En el año 1992 llego a Cozumel, sin motivo aparente, y caigo enamorado de esta isla, por lo cual me quedo….y realizo esculturas, principalmente tipo cartoon, y me hago popular, digamos. Tras 25 años varios viajes mas a los U.S.A y España, por trabajo .Y ya de regreso en Cozumel, aun ilusionado y con grandes proyectos en mente, soy casado y papa de una niña, feliz de vivir creando para mi goce y el de la gente.


Mi página en Facebook es: Javier Soler (Natural robots)

Celular: 612 220 4734

Greg Dietrich

Greg first came to Cozumel in 1988 to scuba dive and enjoy the beaches of the east side of the island. He immediately fell in love with the island and its people. His dive master convinced him he should look into buying a house here… turns out his other job was as a real estate agent. Long story short, he bought a house here on that very first visit. Greg came back to Cozumel at least twice a year for the next 10 years.

In the spring of 1998, Greg had a successful glassblowing related business in Seattle Washington, the city that is known as the glass art center in the United States. In March, on the first night of his much needed vacation, he met Liliana Macotela. This encounter changed everything.

By the end of that year, he had sold his business, packed up his engraving machine, and moved here to the island. He opened his working studio/gallery, called Galeria Azul, in the downstairs of his home. He is still there to this day and just celebrated 17 happy years of living here on the island with his wife, Liliana.
Greg Dietrich

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