For the third year in a row, Cozumel 4 You is proud to host this weekly series, which features island residents – written in their own words, describe how they came to call the island home and what they love about Cozumel.  Running from June – August, you can find the 2 prior years in our archives, 2013 & 2012.

Everyone has a story. Mine is a love story of the island. We were going to a hair show in Cancun and my friend suggested we get certified to scuba dive before we go. Took a crash course in 2 weeks and got certified 4 of us went to Cozumel for the day with just our bathing suits, shorts, tee-shirts, what little scuba gear we had, credit cards and cash. Loved diving so much we stayed for 3 days in a small little hotel for $25.00 a night. Didn’t want to go back to Cancun. Had to go buy tooth brush, tooth paste and tee-shirts. Didn’t care that we had  – no make-up or blow dryer –  for a hairdresser that is huge!   When I returned to Texas I got my 16 year old certified and brought him down the very next month. In August my youngest was old enough to get certified, so got him certified and brought him down, as well. I fell head over heels in love with Cozumel. The water, the warm weather the people and the culture.   I came 3 or 4 times a year to Cozumel. This is where I wanted to be. My friends and family thought I was crazy. Sold my house in Texas in 2001 and bought in Cozumel. Lived on a boat for 8 years during this time.  Was still coming down several times a year. Made the move 7 years ago.  Started volunteering at the Humane Society of Cozumel Island.  Got really involved in transporting animals that have been adopted to the states and Canada. Since then I opened Salon Cielo in June of 2012 and don’t have as much time for the HS. But I love my work, my home and my island!

Teresa Williams is the owner of Salon Cielo, a full service salon offering an array of service for both hair and nails.  

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