Join me in an Epic, Epicurian Scavenger Hunt on Isla Cozumel � 

by Ric Hajovsky

Join me as I seek out the most authentic, bizarre, and way-out food along the back streets of the colonias of Isla Cozumel.

During this culinary scavenger hunt, I will munch through as many new dishes as I can, eschewing the old tried-and-true plates in favor of the truly bizarre or original wherever possible.  Ever had cow-cartilage tacos?  I now know where to go for some.  Marinated conch eye-stalks?  I found a place that they say serves the very tastiest.  McDonald’s quarter-pounder? I know that one sounds creepy, but I’d give it a shot if I had to.  Seriously, I have never faced a meal I was afraid to try and have been pleasantly surprised by many that sounded utterly bizarre, including udder.

Most visitors to the Mexican Caribbean island of Cozumel never venture off the beaten track, even less go and try out one of the more than 450 local eateries hidden deep within the colonias of San Miguel.  If my project gets funded, I will choose 35 of the most unusual or intriguing of these places to sample and review.  I will photograph my meal and the menu or blackboard at each one, interview the cook, write a blog about the experience and post them on my website, Everything

Besides the hole-in-the-wall eateries offering way-out or little known delicacies, I will also target local restaurants that are reputed to serve the “best” version of some traditional Yucatecan dish: the best queso relleno, relleno negro, papadzules, cochinita pibil, etc.  I am setting a goal of trying out each of these 35 eateries within the first two months following the date my project receives its funding.  I estimate that it will be about mid to late November, 2014 when I eat my last meal (figuratively speaking, of course).

I am NOT asking you to contribute! All I’m asking is to please take a look at my Kickstarter project and post something about it on your Facebook page or some other forum if it strikes your fancy.

For complete information on the project visit the official Kickstarter page.

Ric Hajovsky is the author and founder of Everything  He is also the author of several books, including the “Cozumel Survival Manual,” and “the free big yellow map of Cozumel.”  Ric and his wife, Marie-France Lemire, are long-time Cozumel residents.

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