Christmas has come to Cozumel, and arriving with it, lots of cruise ships full of vacationers.  In fact, late last week, with seven ships in port, Cozumel port authorities used a tender system, for the first time in seven years.   Tenders are smaller boats used to transport passengers to and from a cruise ship that remains in a deep water anchor.  Some destinations who have no natural harbor or shallow water consistently rely on this form of transport, however, here in Cozumel it’s employed when all three cruise ship piers are at full capacity.

Prior to Hurricane Wilma, and the economic crisis tenders were a regular occurrence during high seasons, which is why last week’s tender was considered an fortuitous omen of good times to come.

This story originally appeared in the weekly Cozumel 4 You NEWS – the island’s number one source of positive information about our island!  Be sure and subscribe to the weekly NEWS to find out all the island events! You can find the link on the bottom of our home page.

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