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Cozumel’s Sea Turtle Program 2015: How You Can Get Involved

� by Adrian Cozumel


The Cozumel Municipal Department of Ecology is running a turtle program with different activities  again this year –  this is a government program that solicits donations – where 100% of the money goes directly to help the turtles.  This is different than “tours” that are being offered by .com’s or tourist facebook pages – please be aware) In order to track the funding and keep it transparent, Bracelets are sold to those participating in the various activities.   Bracelets for this can be purchased at the Palacio Municipal, the Department of Ecology and while they last at my offices at  Eagle Rider Harley Rentals. There are 3 different activities – listed below. The Cozumel Turtle Trailer located on the windward, or “wild side” of the island is now open.  (Monday – Saturday.  Closed Sunday) and will be open from now until Mid- November when turtle season ends.

The first activity is the  “Search & Rescue of Turtle Nests.”  You (and your bracelet) will need to be at the turtle trailer at 3:30 pm.  This is a mandatory orientation that allows you to go out and find turtle babies that would have otherwise not made it out of their nests without your assistance. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in the natural release of the turtles that day.   The cost of this tour is $25 USD for children and adults.   You must have your own transportation, since the location of the Search & Rescue changes daily.

The second activity is to attend the Natural Release Only, which is $20 USD for children & adults.  Again, you must have your own transport and meet at the Turtle Trailer at 5 pm – where you will follow the truck to the natural release site. This is a guided experience with trained volunteers from the City’s Ecology program on-hand to supervise.  If you do not purchase a bracelet you will be asked to watch only from the roadside.
The third activity is the Night Nesting Program.  The cost of this is $40 USD for children & adults. This tour runs from 9 pm to midnight (more or less depending on the turltes)  This is where you will be able to see the turtles arriving, nesting and laying their eggs.  Again, the location of this tour is subject to change depending upon where the turtles are.

Please keep in mind that you’ll need to allow some flexibility with time, and that the locations will change.  Turtles are wild animals and don’t adhere to our schedules.  There will also be the opportunity to contribute additionally to the Municipal Department of Ecology through the purchase of t-shirts and other items.  Mexican Island Resident do not have the obligation to pay,   so please consider this is the rights of the locals to appreciate the natural wonders.

For more detailed information about the programs at the Ecology department visit their offices located at the Centoe Park  on 65ave with 13th and 31south.  You can also call them at 9878725795 Biologist Lemuel Vega speaks excellent English and Spanish.

Adrian Cozumel is a life-long resident of Cozumel and a partner in Eagle Rider Harley Rentals.  He is very active in both environmental programs, as well as charities throughout the island.

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