Volunteer Risa Winograd wrote her experience of volunteering with Cozumel Turtles about her recent visit to Cozumel   You can volunteer too by simply contacting us on Facebook.

Volunteers meet at the Department of Ecology, at the Environmental Interpretation Park, or Centoe, on Av. 65 starting  at 8.30 pm – Appointments in advance are required and, if possible, your own transportation is appreciated.  After a brief orientation,  volunteers can expect to experience a little bit of what Risa wrote below    The Dept of Ecology is asking for $55 usd/person donation as well as  donations of  batteries and head lamps, which volunteers will use during the program.   Overseen by Biologist Rafael Chacon, the municipal turtle program depends on volunteers and donations to survive.  Last year alone, over 5000 turtle eggs were identified.  Turtle eggs take about two months of incubate, depending on the species, meaning turtle hatchlings should be ready by August.

Risa Winograd  June 27, 2013  – “We were so awed to see the side of the Island completely closed to persons or cars. The moon was full and it lit the entire beach. Rafael slowed his truck and although we didn’t see anything, he stopped, seeing not one but two mother turtles nesting. We quietly walked down the sand until we too saw what he had seen from above. A beautiful, huge green turtle, working tirelessly at digging a nest, tossing the sand high above and behind us. Rafael explained she had likely hit a rock, and would likely need to start all over again. Closer to shore, we spotted a smaller turtle starting to dig. Rafael shined his light and made noises to encourage her to move. She labored back into the water, and swam a small distance. Luckily, she did move farther up the beach and away from the surf to start again. It was awesome watching her labored, tired movements. Rafael told us to wait as one of the turtles was about to lay her eggs. Sure enough, we were amazed to see she started passing the eggs into the deep hole she had dug. We quietly stood behind her and watched in awe as she passed one, two, ten, fifteen, who knows how many large white eggs into the hole. It was magnificent. We were awed by the process and so honored to be able to behold such an amazing sight. Many thanks to Cozumel Turtles and Rafael.”

This story originally appeared in the weekly Cozumel 4 You NEWS – the island’s number one source of positive information about our island!  Be sure and subscribe to the weekly NEWS to find out all the island events!…

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