Cecilio Borge Sade was born in 1913, in the then Turkish territory of Lebanon.  His childhood journey to Cozumel, which would eventually become his adopted homeland,  took him through France, Spain and Cuba.  In his early years, he worked as a travelling merchant in Campeche, attending to the needs of those working in the then booming “chiclero” industry, and also in Merida before eventually winding up in Cozumel.

Cecilio Borge was an excellent singer, and devoted to the arts, however; he was also a businessman, and opened bars, salons and theatres as a means to help express his artistic side. He was very well liked and respected in the community.   In fact, up until recently, one of Cozumel’s most iconic theatres, located on Av. Benito Juarez, carried his name.  He was also a baseball aficionado and is credited with bringing the game here to the island.  He died on November 27, 1966.

This story, and many others featured during Independence month, came to us, in part, through the writings of Professor Velio Vivas Valdes, the official “cronista,” or historian of the island, most notably, his publication entitled “Forjadores,” (Founders) which chronicles much of the early history of the island.  Additionally, he has written a book, which is also available on-line regarding Hurricane Wilma and Cozumel.  A Cozumel island resident since his birth here in 1943, Professor Vivas V. has published much of his writing and Cozumel’s history in his official webpage.

This story originally appeared in the weekly Cozumel 4 You NEWS – the island’s number one source of positive information about our island!  Be sure and subscribe to the weekly NEWS to find out all the island events!…

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