Many of you are aware that as of November 9th,  the new Immigration Law and Regulations pertaining to renewals will begin to go into effect. Immigration officials believe that by April 2013 all these new Laws and Regulations will be in full force. Therefore, the changes will be slow.   Part of these changes entail that no longer will migratory documents be known as FM3 or FM2, but Temporary Resident and Permanent Resident.

The Temporary Residency migratory status allows foreign nationals to remain in Mexico from 180 days (one entry; mainly tourists) to 4 years. The Temporary Residency card must be applied for within 30 days after your entry to Mexico. After 4 years you may apply for Permanent Residency. You can renew this Temporary Residency every year until you achieve the 4 years. For those who currently hold an FM3 (Non-Immigrant status) and upon Immigration’s discretion, you may apply for Permanent Residency, provided you meet the requirements and have shown enough permanence in the Country (2-3 years, and upon a “points system”). Please bear in mind that each case is different, therefore before applying we will need to check with Immigration if you qualify for Permanent Residency.   For the Temporary Residency status, these are the fees (as of 2012):  1 year: $3,130 pesos, 2 years: $4,690 pesos, 3 years: $5,940 pesos, 4 years: $7,040 pesos NOTE: The authorization of the above will be at Immigration’s discretion.

I would also like to take this opportunity to clarify that the word “visa” is not applicable to these migratory documents, as many have been confusing the words and the visas must be applied for at the Consular offices in the country where the foreign national resides and these will be issued in accordance with the applicable Laws (Art. 41 of the Immigration Law).

Also, there are still many issues yet unclear, but I will keep you posted as we learn more about these changes.  For more information, check please contact Monica Sauza,

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