Over 300 participants are expected for the 8th annual Sacred Mayan Crossing which will be reenacted this weekend.   The 3-day event recreates ancient ritual pilgrimages by the Yucatan peninsula’s original inhabitants from Xcaret to Cozumel.  The celebration, which will start at Xcaret, where participants reenact rituals to the goddess Ix Chel, as they wait for the first rays of dawn, when they launch their wooden canoes toward Cozumel.  After paddling the 12 nautical mile crossing, offerings are made to the goddess, who sends a message which is returned via the canoeists return to Playa del Carmen on the mainland.

Here in Cozumel, the celebrations will take place at Chankanaab National Park, and be overseen by the “Fundacion de Parques y Museos Cozumel (FPMC).”  For more information, check out the event’s webpage.


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