I used to be a saver. I would save the last of my favorite things, and guard them with ferocity. Luckilly, over a decade of living on the island has cured me of that.

That last little bit of organic catsup will be rancid if you don’t use it immediately. Your favorite top, the elastic will die if not worn as soon as possible. The last drops of your favorite perfume will become rancid, awaiting you in the bottle, and that purchase that you’ll return for, won’t be there, if you do, in fact, come back.

Seize the day, peeps, and enjoy the Cozumel lessons…

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  1. Talulabelle 10 years ago

    You got that right, last year I missed a fresh Christmas tree. People said they would restock but it did not happen. We went to 15 places a week before Christmas and no one had a single Christmas tree left. We bought a fake one, I hated it and still do! On Tuesday we gave it to the housekeeper. Same with foods at the grocery. If it’s not perishable and you have room, buy at least 10. So see, you don’t have to be a saver but you have to be a saver-upper. It could be months before they restock, if ever. I am currently waiting for Chedraui to get more 100% juice, Cranberry Juice. It’s been 6 or 7 weeks now. I’m wondering if they plan to ever buy more. Yes, seize the day folks and be a saver-upper. Just don’t touch my juice if you see it!

  2. OEdge 10 years ago

    That’s soooo true!
    Life on Cozumel is free therapy

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