The intersection of Calle 10 with Av. 15 has always been high traffic, and, apparently the zipper heads in the Cozumel planning department have been dwelling on the issue. First the rocket scientists attempted to correct this issue by placing the largest stop sign I’ve seen in my life on 10th. Apparently, this sun-eclipsing sized sign didn’t work, since a few days later they sent a road crew in, who worked diligently for about 3 days installing large, scrape the belly-offa-your-car speedbumps (topes) on 15th, effectively creating a 4 way stop.

Three days later the topes were completely removed and the holes patched. Island legend has it that the topes were supposed to be installed on 10, and no one was there to supervise. They did leave the signs announcing the topes, though. sigh.

The new neighbors, with the strip mine in their backyard, spent the first night in their new home. This morning, while the Fab-man was walking the dogs, he noticed the back seat all messed up on their rental VW Bug. Someone has stolen their car battery. Welcome to our neighborhood, we’re really glad you’re here! sigh.

It’s rained for 3 or 4 straight days now, and directly in front of our house the street is blocked by a puddle of green stinky water, that, if expereince proves correct, will soon start breeding frogs. These frogs, asside from being large and disgusting party all night en masse and can literally keep us awake with the noise. sigh.

I think the weather has sucked out my motivation. sigh.

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  1. Ms. Moon 14 years ago

    Sounds just like where I am in North Florida. Can’t wait to get to Cozumel and enjoy it there- with a beach.

  2. cozzie laura 14 years ago

    I love living here and honestly think I would be bored if I lived anywhere else. There’s just so many weird and interesting things.

    The other day, I saw an old man on a scooter, with his old wife, who was facing backward, so she could hold on to the handles of the wheelbarrow as they tooled down 30th.

  3. Dirty Pirate Hooker 14 years ago

    Oooooh, I’m loving the new blog layout!!

  4. cozzie laura 14 years ago

    i like it way way better than the old blogger one, but it really needs the BB touch with fun things on the side!

  5. Dirty Pirate Hooker 14 years ago

    What happened to the stalker post? I don’t see it?!

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