Over the past few months we have been REALLY busy, Greg and Kathy have worked with over 20 patients at with CRIM, Aaron is on his third prosthetic and is working hard (rock on!) Luis, who you all met at the breakfast – now has a girlfriend and a wedding may be in the works soon, and we have just been moving forward.

One of the reasons that you haven’t heard me asking for mules so often is that Greg and Kathy have made a few trips back and forth to Chicago to bring in more tools for the lab. Locally he has purchased and refurbished a pizza oven, whose high temperatures are used for the melting of plasic to custom fit the braces and prosthetics. Slowly but surely we are trying to be self sufficient and help all of the patients locally.

We are still running off of the funds that were donated at last March’s Fundraiser, but we are slowly depleting them. Please consider helping the cause with the purchase of a Tadeo’s Shoes Polo shirt…. although this test shirt is in red, the final product is a stunning black polo. Please excuse the model, he was the only one available on our budget….

Tadeo is doing AWESOME! The lift in his shoe has allowed the bones in his little leg to grow straight! The past year has had a huge affect  – and the new lift that was put in last week was 1/4 inch thinner than the last. He is running and playing just like any 3 year old, and not tilting to one side. His prognosis is excellent and the possibility of future amputation is GREATLY reduced. By keeping his bones growing the right way, his muscles are all growing the right way and not contracting.   His complaints of back, knee and foot pain are absent despite his increased activity and growth. My perspective is that we have intervened and have offered positive results.

Tadeo’s Shoe’s is a very small grass roots organization, which helps people in need of orthopedic care, prosthesis and medical treatment, all free of charge.  The group takes it’s name from a now 3 year old boy, Tadeo, who’s lower leg bone was “buckling” and twisting. Volunteers carried molds and specially lifted shoes both to and from the States, so that Tadeo’s hips and spine would have the opportunity to grow straight   Since then, the group has gone on to help many others stand tall, walk straight and lead happier lives.  To learn more about the group, check out their facebook page.   We ask you to join us, and help us continue this work! We have Tadeo’s Shoes polo shirts for sale, they are black and have stitching both on the front and back. A great Christmas gift, and 100% of the proceeds go to help these children and adults in need. 200 pesos, contact Nancy at solodive@msn.com. We will even deliver in Cozumel.

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