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Cocinas Communitarias  Cozumel 

Wendy Elizabeth and her family cook 6 – 7 days a week for between 78 – 82 people in her colonia (She lives in CTM) They’d love a donation of any food product – meat, vegetables, tortillas etc.  They’re also looking for large yogurt containers to dispense food.  Wendy’s house is located on Calle 35 Sur entre 75 y 85.  (5 houses away from “San Pedro y San Pablo” Church – There’s a sign out front saying they give away food.  Her cell number is 987 1181620


A group of volunteers is operating a soup kitchen to help feed over 149 families, with a promedy of 4 members so, about 600 people per day. during the shut-down. It doesn’t take much to help. The soup kitchen has a network of volunteers who are delivering meals on their scooters to families so they can avoid crowds. They are prioritizing families with high at-risk members under quarantine. If you’ve ever enjoyed the generous and friendly people of Cozumel, please consider making a donation to help them in their time of need. Some basic pantry items are being included now as well, such as baby-formula when a meal cooked by the volunteers just can’t meet particular needs.

This is just one kitchen in a network of 6 – each of whom sponsor about the same amount of families. They’re accepting any donations, especially formula and baby needs.

Cozu-Meals is run by Brenda Briceño C. – who’s well known in the community for her public service. You can contact her by phone – 9871195943 – Facebook – Brenda M. Briceño Can. If you’re not here on island and want to donate – there’s a GoFundMe account as well.


Autumn’s Pozole Thursdays

In the neighborhood Fraccionamiento Caribe, we’ve organized Pozole Thursdays at Antojitos del Caribe, a neighborhood food truck run by a very sweet woman from Puebla. Fresh pozole makes everyone feel better! This effort helps feed families and gives work to the chef working the food truck, plus 1 helper.
There are a couple of ways to donate and sponsor a Pozole Thursday. Either via paypal or by delivering cash to Autumn Toñita, the organizer, in fraccionamiento Caribe.
$800 pesos or $40 USD let’s us give away 10 liters which feeds 10 families.
$1200 pesos or $60 USD let’s us give away 15 liters which feeds 15 families.
When you donate via PayPal, please write “Pozole Thursdays” in the note.



Te lo Cambio por Despensa

Started by Nancy Vianeth Alvarado Camarillo  – this group was created as a way to  pick up/drop off donations to people who really need them, as well people looking for a way  to trade for what they need


Cozumel covid19 apoyo a doctores, hospitales y personal médico

Join the support group for the medical staff in public service in Cozumel. Doctors, paramedics, nurses, ambulance drivers, administrative staff, they all risk their lives for us. This support group was created due to the concerns and deficiencies that some health centers on the island will endure to face the infectious disease covid19. We have joined together non-profit to support, together with your help, the medical personnel of the main public hospitals on the island: IMSS, General Hospital and ISSSTE.

Organizaciones comunitarias en Cozumel


Cocinas Comunitarias Cozumel 

Wendy Elizabeth y su familia cocinan 6 a 7 días a la semana para 78 – 82 personas en u colonia (ella vive en la colonia CTM). Agradecerían recibir donativo de cualquier producto alimenticio: carne, verduras, tortillas, etc. También están buscando envases grandes para yogurt le servirán para despachar los alimentos. La casa de Wendy se ubica en Calle 35sur entre 75 y 85 (a 5 casas de distancia de la iglesia “San Pedro y San Pablo”) Hay un letrero que indica que reglan comida. Su número de teléfono celular es 987 1181620.


Te lo cambio por despensa 

Grupo que inicia Nancy Vianeth Alvarado Camarillo. El grupo fue creado como una manera de recoger/dejar donaciones a personas que realmente las necesitan, ello aunado a personas que buscan la manera de intercambiar cosas por lo que necesitan.


Cozumel COVID19 Apoyo a doctores, hospitales y personal médico 

Únanse al grupo de apoyo para e personal médico que está al servicio público en Cozumel. Los doctores, paramédicos, enfermeras, conductores de ambulancias, personal administrativo, todos ellos arriesgan sus vidas por nosotros. Este grupo de apoyo se creo a raíz de la preocupación en cuanto a las deficiencias que algunos centros médicos de la Isla tendrán que soportar para enfrentar la infección causada por el COVID19. Sin ánimo de lucro y con ayuda de ustedes, nos hemos unido para brindar apoyo al personal médico de los principales hospitales públicos de la Isla: IMSS, Hospital General e ISSTE.

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