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Cozumel’s Underwater Cable System to be Replaced & Upgraded

Last week the State Governor and representatives of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) met to discuss a new underwater to finalize the details for a new underwater cable system to meet the growing demands for electricity for Cozumel.

Cozumel’s Current Old System

Cozumel currently receives much of it’s power and communications from a submarine cable that connects the island of Cozumel to the Yucatan Peninsula which is currently 21 years into it’s projected 30 year lifespan.

In fact, these types of submarine cables were extremely common at the time, and considered to be cheaper and faster than satellite communications.

Originally instal

led back in 1999, the undersea cable consists of  7 wires with 2 circuits.   Back in 2016, it was  projected that the cable is using approximately 50% of it’s 25-30 MVA capacity, or 13 – 14  MVA (Mega Volt Amperes).

Cozumel’s internal network is fed by two 34.5 kV (kilovolt) radial circuits that start from the Playa del Carmen Substation.


Cozumel’s New Underwater Cable

The Cozumel project consists of the construction of approximately 25 km-c of 115 kV power cable: 25 km-c of submarine/underground cable and 2.5 km-c of underground cable.


Additionally, in the Cozumel network there is a Turbogas-type Power Plant that allows supplying part of the demand in emergency conditions in the complete network, as well as in the event of a submarine cable contingency.


Additionally Isla Mujeres and Holbox are slated to get new underwater cable systems.


Underwater Cable Information

For more information on underwater cables, how they operate and are maintained, take a moment and read this interesting article, “10 Facts About the Internet’s Undersea Cables “ by



El nuevo cable submarino de Cozumel

El proyecto de Cozumel consiste en la construcción de aproximadamente 25 km-c de cable eléctrico de 115 kV: 25 km-c de cable submarino/subterráneo y 2.5 km-c de cable subterráneo.

Photo Courtesy of El Semanario


Además, en la red de Cozumel hay una central eléctrica tipo turbogas que permite abastecer parte de la demanda en condiciones de emergencia en toda la red, así como en caso de contingencia del cable submarino.


Asimismo, se prevé que Isla Mujeres y Holbox reciban nuevos sistemas de cable submarino.


Información sobre el cable submarino

Para más información sobre el cable submarino, su funcionamiento y mantenimiento, tómese un momento y lea este interesante artículo de “10 Facts About the Internet’s Undersea Cables”

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