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  1. Li Garland 8 months ago

    Hola Laura! I am so glad I found your newsletter!
    I’m Li and my hubby is Ed. We live in Monmouth Oregon which is a cute little college town near Salem. Ed works at the University, and I am an artist, I will be 62 in May, Ed is 60.
    We are returning to Cozumel July 2-13. (wedding anniversary is July 4th) Wish we could stay all year long! but I have 4 adult kids whom I would miss terribly. My daughter , Emma, is still in college and still needs her mom on occasion. My baby, lol. when Ed retires in 2 years we will plan on longer stays.
    We stay at El Cozumeleno Resort. We don’t mind the less than fancy digs as the ocean is steps from our room, pool, etc.. Plus the people are so nice, as they are everywhere in Mexico. & we always tip everyone or any little thing they do!
    This year we are goinf with The Lighthouse Project to clean a beach, and to the Horse sanctuary. We want to help too.
    Mre info than you needed, but wanted to say hello as your posts are so great!
    All my best, Li

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