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I’ve just started working on a webpage for my friend, Nacho, called cozumel surfing. Nacho, who is probably the most universally known and liked guy on the island has been surfing for years, and now wants to start teaching it.
He’s really good with kids, and he just looks like a surfer. I don’t have the page done yet (since I’m blogging…) but I wanted to post some of these for you. Here’s Nacho, doing his surf god imitation. Kids stop him in the street all the time and call him Capt. Jack Sparrow.
And here he is showing off.
Here’s the Fab Man getting his surf on! (Note the Guido arms!)

Lastly, I’m calling this one, Nacho and his surf bunnies. That’s Malin from Sweden (right) and Katie (left), who owns the new salon in town.

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  1. Bald Outing 15 years ago

    thanks for the follow – you have a great blog – i am so jealous of your location!

  2. Cozumel 15 years ago

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  3. Cozumel 15 years ago

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